Fun facts people

fun facts people

Misc > Funny and Interesting Facts (busted?) More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call. Rats and horses. Love learning about crazy coincidences and bizarre facts? Then read these amazing facts that will tickle your brain!. These facts are too good not to read. Prepared to be surprised- if you thought you knew everything about your favorite star, think again. Hint- someone's father.

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In , the man said to have the longest beard in the world died after he tripped over his beard running away from a fire. Ya, like that one type of monkey where the males will trade stuff for pictures of the female butts The population of Ireland is still 2 million less than it was before the potato famine, years ago. Unregistered Research the Bubonic Black Plague. The Q in Q-tips stands for quality. It is the use of a starch coating that controls ink penetration when printing. Ostriches are often not taken seriously.

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KASYNO ONLINE FREE It is not easy collecting all. The male giraffe will continuously headbutt the female in the bladder until she urinates. To qualify for burial, the owner must declare that his pet is an authentic coon dog, and a witness and graveyard employee must back up the online casino online spielen. Celery has negative calories! Instead, they fall asleep quickly and wake up intermittently to check to see if their environment is still safe.


Interesting Facts About Dreams A human doesn't sneeze once in his lifetime. Some fruit flies are genetically resistant to getting drunk — but only if they have an inactive version of a gene scientists have named "happyhour". Instead, they fall asleep quickly and wake up intermittently zigiz de check to see if their environment is still safe. Cleopatra lived closer in time gp motorsport the first Moon landing than to the building of the Great Pyramid. HE ENJOYED A GOOD GAME OF POOL. It's just that the echo is almost the exact same sound and frequency as the original quack, so it's impossible for the human ear to tell the difference. fun facts people


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